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Black Wall e-line

  • The essential components for multiple training environments

  • Integrates with Ultimat Genuine Black Wall

  • Manufactured by Ultimat, supplier to hundreds of government departments

Black Wall e-line gives you total control and allows you to build your very own safe Clinical Simulation or physical intervention training environments, such as life size rooms, corridors, pharmacies, doctors surgeries, observation rooms and much more, bringing another dimension to your scenario and role play training. Rooms can be changed and adapted both quickly and easily over and over again ensuring your training never becomes stale or predictable and all this can be achieved almost anywhere quickly and easily.

With e-line you are able to construct a room or training space with the knowledge that it's both robust and safe. 

The e-line half walls can be load bearing if required and can be used to create windows that can be climbed through, or simply used as an observation window allowing instructors to oversee training without causing any extra physical obstruction or interference during a student's training.

The e-line range is designed for multiple use scenario training, and will enhance role play such as clinical simulation, conflict management, de-escalation training, patient handling and improve spacial awareness aspects of training.


Importantly, e-line has been especially produced to be super cost effective in facilitating confined space training. It is the only wall system that is totally compatible with the market leader product in this sector, Ultimat Genuine Black Wall. The e-line range consists of six essential components, a full wall, half wall, full pillar, lintel, door and corner wrap.

eline bedroom rgp_5802.jpg
eline logo master white.jpg
eline Full Wall Module.jpg
eline full pillar module.jpg
eline Half Wall Module.jpg
eline Lintel Brace.jpg
eline Door.jpg
eline corner wrap 1.jpg
eline corner wrap 2.jpg

These six options combine together to allow you the capability to build varied and multiple training environments allowing your delivery of training to always remain fresh and interesting.

Rising training costs are always an issue and getting the most out of your equipment or resources is paramount. Many trusts are now having to deliver training to increased numbers of staff whilst catering for various levels of training depending on the role within the organisation.

Some trusts find themselves hiring venues away from their natural home base where serious compromises on equipment’s suitability and availability have to be made.

Seclusion Room and Observation Room.jpg
  • Hygienic easy clean covers

  • Freestanding

  • Durable heavy duty PVC

  • Easy to assemble and use

  • Quality guarantee, robust and safe


The e-line range is the perfect stand alone solution for unlocking more options from your existing training venues. Not only does e-line save money on the hiring of premises, it saves money involved with the travel costs and most of all it saves valuable time, by giving you the ability to adapt your existing training venue at a moment's notice. It is also the authentic way to enhance and extend any Ultimat Genuine Black Wall or Ultimat Scenario Furniture System.

Now you're no longer stuck with a particular room/building layout, you decide how you want it to look, what shape and how big the rooms are, where you want the doorways, where you require windows, do you want corridors? You decide! The only limitation is your imagination.


If you are looking to deliver the very best experience then authentic Black Wall e-line is a must for you and is 100% compatible with all Ultimat's products.

For further information please telephone Tony Price today on:
+44 (0)1204 576 111.

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