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Our Ongoing Commitment to Supply

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement: Ultimat Healthcare are committed to adhering to the UK Government instructions in order to contain the coronavirus outbreak and help save lives.


We supply several different market sectors, on a national and worldwide level, with essential training and front line equipment. Specifically in the UK these are the UK Police Force, Her Majesties Prison Services and the National Health Service.


Ultimat Healthcare have been identified by the UK Government as a key company and therefore we are continuing to operate and maintain all manufacturing and production processes of essential products. We are open as normal.

Our Supply Chain

Our existing risk assessed emergency supply procedure has been actioned recently. This includes significantly increasing the amount of raw materials we hold at our factory. We have already doubled our in-house stock of many raw materials and our regular suppliers have been alerted to our future possible needs. At this point in time, we have more than enough materials to carry on as usual with our manufacturing and have stopped all production on non-essential items such as sports and martial art supplies to the private sector.

Only goods transport restrictions imposed by the UK Government in the future, severe illness experienced by our regular suppliers or by ourselves will effect this, but as you can appreciate that is beyond our control. We have also instigated other options with back-up suppliers which has resulted in a very positive response.

Stock Levels

Due to the recent productivity increase in our manufacturing department, our stock levels are 21 percent above average at this time. Currently our supply chain is unaffected.


Provided there are no new import/export movement of goods restrictions or we experience a large number of staff illnesses it is business as usual.

​Additional Safety Procedures

All our staff are working under an extremely high level of hygiene control. This includes:
•   N95 full face respirator type masks.
•   A stringent regime of antibacterial cleaning of the workplace.
•   Personal hygiene.
•   Social distancing.

We have locked down on all but essential deliveries and visitors to our premises.
Ultimat Healthcare are coping extremely well with the current situation and it is business as usual or in fact even busier! As an illustration of our commitment to ensure production we have taken delivery of an extra 5 kilometres of PVC material, received delivery of an extra 1200sqm of specialist foam, large volumes of block foam, large stocks of limb protection equipment, we have over 5 miles of Velcro, all this is in addition to above average stock levels.

We have a huge number of strong businesses that support us and they are from many different fields of expertise. If you have any problems sourcing something outside your usual chain of suppliers, or you have any special requirements please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will endeavour to assist in any way possible.

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