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Safe Padded Training Rooms 

Providing a safe and suitable environment within which staff can be taught is essential, and is of

paramount importance when safely preparing staff for physical interaction activates.  

Thankfully for both staff and tutors having to using sports mats spread around a room, or gymnasium

as a training facility has been recognised by many authorities and managers as an method of delivery

that is not only dangerous but something that can be proven to be negligent when far better solutions

are readily available in these days of enhanced corporate and managerial responsibilities.


The provision of quality physical training facilities can seem to be a daunting, difficult and complex balancing act, especially when taking into account, available space, student numbers, and budget restrictions, tempered against the desire to offer the very best in safety, equipment and learning experience.

As leading experts in the design, manufacture and fitting of physical interaction facilities and equipment

we are here to help you identify and produce training solutions that are state of the art, whist being affordable in space, time, and financial terms.

We are capable of taking a small room or the largest of spaces and quickly show you what potential you can unlock.

Project options typically cover designing dual use spaces, permanent training areas, padding floors and walls, provision for deep cleaning and hygiene needs, improved scenario training, safety signage, future facility expansion.

What's the first step

Our process is simple, once you have contacted us, we will listen to your requirements, and tell you about our suitable options, we can then develop a no obligation plan of action, in some cases we may carry out a site visit, this can be done directly with you if converting or renovation existing rooms or even via building contractors if yours is a large new build project for instance.

During our visit we will take measurements from which we will draw up plans, and if possible meet with training staff, project managers or any key personnel involved with your project.

We will be able to show samples and answer any of your questions including potential time scales.  

What's next

Following evaluation of your needs, we will prepare a quotation tailored to you, quite often we can do this as a “wish list” style document ensuring you are aware of the full potential your new training facility may offer.

Our aim is to provide a quality futureproof platform solution that meets all your needs at a cost effective price point within your current budget whilst allowing for any future expansion or training developments in years the ahead without starting again from scratch.
For training room projects your quotation will also include a risk assessment and method statement showing anything we may require and will address things such as manufacture time, delivery, access and fitting schedules.

You can then select the options and amount of involvement you require from us, design manufacture and fit, right through to supply only and self-fit are all available.

Whatever your choice Ultimat are committed to supplying quality products with professional workmanship and friendly simple to understand advice.

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