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Scenario Furniture to Enhance your Training

Sink Worktop F.jpg
Office Chair F.jpg
Cell Desk.jpg

Ultimat's scenario safe furniture is 100% compatible with our Dojo training  rooms and our Black Wall system, rooms can be populated to create even more realism within the scenario setup you have constructed.

Using the scenario furniture alongside the Black Wall System not only provides an improved safe working environment but at the same time allows the student to react and interact in a natural way with their surroundings, opening the possibilities for improved search training, emergency client intervention whilst dealing with safe versions of everyday objects such as beds, seats and electrical goods.

Creating and populating rooms such as Offices, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Living rooms, Seclusion Rooms, etc are all now possible.

The ease with which rooms and environments can be quickly changed or altered in appearance ensures that students don't become complacent about predictable unrealistic training.

All rooms can be "dressed for greater reality with our range of "Props" all of which are safe to interact with in demanding situations.

wardrobe with safe doors.gif
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